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The Blood Moon Tetrad's of 2014/15

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Eleven year's ago (2008), Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries, found a set of four blood moon's appearing on "Jewish" Feast Days in 2014/15 (not that these are "Jewish," they are God's... but that is another conversation). Mark knew that Scripture speaks of "Blood Moon's" surrounding "The Day of the Lord," and He soon found out it was somewhat rare for this to happen on these days. When he then saw that this happened in 1949/50 right after Israel became a nation... and again in 1967 surrounding the Six-Day War when Israel got Jerusalem back, it really had his attention. As Mark checked he found these again in 1492 when Columbus came to the America's. We heard about this in 2011 and while it was interesting... Scripture does not specifically mention "Four Blood Moons" so while it was interesting... maybe it was something... and maybe not. Based on this, Mark wrote and published a book in 2014. "Pastor" John Hagee, then took Mark's information and turned it into a movie in 2015 (BTW... adding nothing to Mark's information... or really mentioning Mark (except in passing) for that matter... very sad, and unfortunate to say the least). Moving on, or should I say backward...

In 2011 Mark's book caught the interest of Scottie Clarke... who then "discovered" the Great Sign of the Woman in Revelation 12 occurring in 2017. What Scottie had found was even more rare as "heavenly events" go... occurring only once every 26,000 years or so. As I mentioned in my prior post, "So, where is the Dragon?" a dear friend argued me into looking at what Scottie had in 2013... and it got my attention. When I then shared this with another friend the next day... the second he saw "The Great Sign," he said, "It's the Rapture!" Not what I was expecting... but I could not dissuade him of this. I told him we knew almost nothing about it and we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Later that week he announce that I had discovered the Great Sign in a group of forty men at a Bible study. This was my first experience at finding myself in a position I did not want to be in. I explained what is was and where it was and its possible implications... but I cautioned everyone that we just didn't know enough about it. One "gentleman" at the study asked (in a very condescending, unpleasant tone of disbelief), if I was willing to "bet the lives of my children" on the fact that this was the Great Sign. Now, I had already found the "Real Dragon" and it really had my attention. While it was tempting to defend "my" honor, I believed sharing the "Dragon" would only make things worse. So, I just kept it to what I did believe. I told him I would "bet the lives of my children" on the fact that this was somehow marking a great event for Israel. That ended the conversation and I knew then... that until I knew... that I knew... that I knew... I was going to keep my mouth shut... which bring me to the subject of the "Four Blood Moon" (Tetrads).

There is one thing we know about Holy Scripture and prophecy beyond any and all doubt. It is all literally connected together. Nothing stands alone! God really does things in such a way that it can be seen that it is clearly Him. Were the Four Blood Moon's really something God has done? Was this really the Great Sign of the Woman and the Dragon? Were these at least in part what Yahusha (Jesus) was speaking about when He spoke of "signs from heaven" in Luke 21:11 and 25? What we knew was this... if they were really from God... then they would be literally connected together! What ultimately has really surprised us to this very day is that no one else has seemed to recognize this and to go and look! It's not a huge leap to take. After all, we are talking about "blood moons" in the "heavens" and a "heavenly sign" in the constellation Virgo. We found the direct literal connection the same week we found the "Real Dragon" back in 2013! It was "plain as day" so-to-speak.

Over the years as we learned more and more about all these things and just how Scriptural they really were... we were shocked that no one had made the connection! As to just how connected all these things really are? We can now say this with absolute confidence... these heavenly signs are every bit as real and as literal as God and Scripture are! Not only do they not “stand alone,” all of the “Heavenly Signs” are working with and are in perfect harmony and unity with the prophecies in Scripture! Holy Scripture, the prophecies and all of the heavenly signs (and we now have an astounding number of them) are all working together as a single united cohesive unit… they are “One” as God is “One!” The signs are God’s “Heavenly Witness” and the prophecies are God’s “Earthly Witness.” And as you will soon see, the Four Blood Moon Tetrads that God showed to Mark Biltz are much, much more than four blood moons… and they always have been!

We would love to hear from John Hagee on this… he already has a movie… and with a few major updates we would love for him to add everything they missed. We would only want three things for our copyrighted material… to make things right with Mark Biltz (including a proper acknowledgment God’s work through Mark), and a proper acknowledgment for what God has done through this ministry. Our only desire is to get this information out as quickly as possible... we believe it to be urgent. God chose prophecy as His method of evangelism to a lost and dying world… now they need to hear it! Prophecy is… God’s proof of the truth! And the blood moon “Tetrads” are astonishing!

Shalom and Blessings to All, Michael… Aman Ministries

P.S. the new four part series should be out in a week or two at most... so sign up and we will notify you as soon as we release it.

A Blood Red "Super" Moon
"Signs" are Measuring Lines to His Appointed Times!

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