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The Great Sign! So where is the Dragon?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

In 2013 a good friend told me that I had to go look at something. I asked him what it was... and when he told me, I said, "No... no... no... no! I have look at stuff like that before and it has always been a waste of time." He replied with, "No... no... no... no! This is really different... you have to go and see this thing!" After several more minutes of bantering back and forth, I finally agreed out of the respect I held for him. Had it been anyone else asking, I never would have agreed. So, he gave me a name so I could find it... the name was Scottie Clarke and what I had to see was, "The Great Sign of Revelation 12" which Scott had supposedly found. It was to take place on September 23, 2017 in the constellation Virgo.

So, I went and looked at what he was talking about. I then downloaded some free software called "Stellarium," so I could check this for myself. I'm a person who tends to doubt everything. I then called my friend and told him, "Well, I have to admit... this looks way better than anything like it I have ever seen before... but, I can see one really BIG problem with this... If that really is "The Great Sign of the Woman" in Revelation 12... then we need a Dragon! So, where is the Dragon? The sign of the Woman is only verses 1 and 2! Verses 3 and 4 speak of "another sign" which is a "Great Dragon." So, when you find the Dragon... give me call and we'll talk some more." Their was a brief silence... and my friend said, "That's not my ministry... it's your ministry." To which I replied, "Really? You want me to go and look for this!" I soon lost the argument and agreed to go and look.

We hung up and I asked God to show me the Dragon. I reread the Scriptures involved and God immediately led me to Isaiah 14:12 and the passage that speaks of Lucifer. That immediately rang a bell from the Hebrew text and I did a web search. Fifteen minutes later I had found "The Great Dragon." What I had matched "The Woman" perfectly and it matched the Scriptural description to a "tee."

That began a journey into areas of Scripture I never imagined possible... and I never knew were there. It was a case where one thing just kept leading to the next thing...

It is now six years later, and we finally know enough about all this... what it is... and what it is not (which is really important to know)... that we are finally ready to begin releasing everything we know. It has turned into eight separate teachings that consist of anywhere from four to ten parts each. It has been a long, long road and we hope you are as blessed by this information as we have been. The first series we are releasing, is the one which began our adventure... "Finding the Real Dragon of Revelation 12."

Shalom and Blessings... Michael, Aman Ministries

A Fiery, Flaming Dragons Head, The Great Dragon of Revelation 12
And another sign appeared in heaven... a Great Dragon!

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