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Breaking News in Prophecy!

The Real Dragon - Part 6

In every presentation...

This is what should be "Breaking Headline News" around the world. However, most will ignore them, until they can't! A great first headline would be, "Ancient Prophecy Fulfilled! God is Proven Real... Once Again!" With God, the impossible happens time and time again! So much so, that it is easy to begin to take what we are seeing for granted. Nothing here is of the ordinary. It is all extraordinary... defying all logic and reason. What we are sharing here are the things of God... they are miracles to behold... and know... "I AM!"  

The next presentation will be released in...

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Every Aman Ministries presentation has fresh, new, content in them. While we may begin with what someone else has presented, we never just "repackage." In each of our presentations, you will learn and see highly significant things that were previously unknown to the original presenters. Everything we present is Scripturally-based and well-grounded. None of our presentations "stand-alone." They are all interconnected and function as a single cohesive unit with each one building upon the other in complete harmony. 

Current Presentations

Current Single Videos

These are single-topic videos 30-40 minutes long. They cover a wide variety of topics within prophecy.

We will begin making these when we complete all of the "Future Series" videos that are ready to produce.    

Current Video Series

These are the longer "Series Videos" that are up to 10 parts and 10-20 minutes each. Each "Series" contains the core information of a 250+ page book. All of the "Series" (below) should be completed in 3-4 months.     

For additional information on our presentations not included in the videos, click Blog

Current Videos

Future Presentations

These are the future "Series Videos" that are completed and ready to produce. We are working on getting these recorded and out as quickly as possible. There are many wonderful teachings here that we believe are both critical and essential for the times in which we are living. When you see what is here, we believe you will be astonished at what is in Scripture that has been overlooked. Holy Scripture is far more literal than even we had imagined... God is amazing!       

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