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Terms of Use

Rules of Engagement

The following conditions do not mean that Aman Ministries permits only opinions that are in agreement with us. In fact, we welcome and value differing opinions in the search for truth. We do not fear dissenting opinions or ideas that are contrary to the beliefs that we hold and/or that are revealed in the Holy Scriptures. The plain truth is if someone had not challenged our faith... what we believed... and pointed us to the Scriptures... we would be nowhere near where we are today. We are lovers of truth above all else as we recognize that He is the Truth. There is nothing in Scripture that we will not discuss or which you are banned from raising as an issue when done sincerely. However, this does not mean that we will tolerate abusive behavior or comments in any way, shape, form or fashion. As such, the following conditions are necessary:

1) Our number one rule is this... “Be kind!” Our work is to seek, find, follow and then speak truth. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to lead us into truth and convince others of it. We have our work and He has His. God will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves or others at the perfect time and according to His will; but, He generally will not do for us what we can do for ourselves. Truth and faith are a journey in this life... it is not a destination we ever fully arrive at. To know all truth would be to have the mind of God. To have all faith would be to have the power of God. To know what to do with both... would be to have the wisdom of God. Remember, we are not God, so be kind and love one another. By this, the world will know we are His.     

2) This blog and site are operated and maintained by Aman Ministries, (i.e. this is our blog and site). Your readership, participation, and commenting is both appreciated and cherished, but not expected. If you don’t like what you read please be aware that you are under absolutely no obligation to remain on or return to this site. Conversely, if you become a disturbance or nuisance, we are under absolutely no obligation to allow you to continue.

3) You are a guest on this blog and site. Your ability and permission to leave comments on this blog and site is a privilege, not a right.

4) Aman Ministries will not tolerate anyone who camps on this blog and/or site merely to “disagree” with everything that is posted here without presenting evidence that is equal to or greater than the evidence we present on any issue. It is not the purpose of this blog and/or site to argue for the sake of arguing with those who love to argue. Aman does not need a resident critic or a counter-balance. If this is your intention, please look elsewhere.

5) Aman will not tolerate demeaning, harsh-toned, vitriolic, abrasive, coarse, condescending, vindictive, abusive, insulting, disrespectful and/or downright mean-spirited comments. We will not tolerate gossip or the slander of anyone ever. Such comments will be immediately removed in the same way that graffiti is removed from any wall and the person responsible will be admonished not to continue in this.

6) All of us have questions and our purpose is to provide and seek truthful answers to those questions. To question what it is that God has literally said is right and good. There may or may not be an easy (or clear) answer as truth is only discovered when all relevant Scripture is considered and is in harmony without contradiction. We do not have all the answers, nor has God given them all to us. Some answers God is in the process of revealing and some answers God chooses to keep hidden. However, if you leave comments under the guise of being a fellow believer, yet you consistently espouse ideas that are opposed to the foundational doctrines of faith in the Holy Scriptures, expect that your comments, in particular, will be moderated much more carefully in analyzing your purpose. It usually takes just one comment from false teachers to register that something may be wrong. We will not provide a platform for someone to spread constant... “Has God really said...” seeds of doubt and outright heresies. Such people will be stripped of the sheep’s cloak, exposed for what they are, and they will be removed.

7) We strongly disagree with the modern doctrines of "tolerance" and what is being done in the name of tolerance and unity. Unity is never to be achieved at the expense of truth. If someone truly believes in these modern teachings that sound so good on the surface, then we will insist that they practice what they preach. All we ask is that they are completely "tolerant" of our intolerance and that they be "tolerant" to the same degree that they insist we must be tolerant. Truly, in most circumstances, we find that such people are far more intolerant of our views than we are toward the views of others, and their hypocrisy is easily discovered and very quickly exposed.

8) If you “agree with everything” someone said, but you don’t like “the way they said it,” then ask them to clarify their meaning. Do not be quick in criticizing others. Understand them first. All languages, either written or oral are imperfect and it is easy to misunderstand someone based on a single statement. And, it is even more difficult to understand written statements as we cannot hear or see the way it is being said... which can change everything. If you find that you then disagree, state your case in a polite and respectful manner. There is a real person on the other end of that message who can honestly believe what they are saying is true. If you believe it to be false, meet it with what you believe to be the truth in a caring way and support every word with Scripture... and even better... if possible verify and quote the original Hebrew or Greek texts.

9) If you cannot leave a comment without “judging us” for our apparent “judging of others” then please find another blog and/or site to comment on. Scripture is clear that we are to judge those that claim the titles of “Believer” or “Follower” according to the standards set forth in the Scriptures. If someone seeks forgiveness for any wrongs committed, we are to forgive and not hold them under judgment. The Scriptures are equally clear that we are to communicate the judgments that God has already made on false teaching and on all sin which is a failure to love unconditionally as God loves us. These are not our judgments but rather God’s judgments that we accept as being both true and unchangeable. We are equally to communicate God’s message of forgiveness with the conditions that God sets in Scripture. We are not to judge what God has forgiven, nor are we to offer acceptance and/or forgiveness for that which God holds under judgment.      

This blog and site are for all and not for any specific group. However, this site is run by Scripture believing people of faith who are not here just to defend their beliefs and their faith, but to persuade others as to the truth with all patience and sound teaching. If you leave comments with links to clearly heretical, apostate websites, do not be surprised if the links are removed. We cannot rightly allow these things to remain because of what we do believe. As God upholds His Word even above His name... so do we (Psalm 138:2). We cannot permit teachings that we know to be false to be promoted in any way, f. We reserve the right to redirect readers to the Truth, not further errors.

Aman Ministries will not tolerate the above listed unacceptable behavior at any time. If it is found that someone leaving comments on this blog and/or site is not sincere in discovering what the truth might be and cannot be trusted to comply with our simple rules, do not be surprised if your entire comment is deleted without notice. We are not here to edit the posts to meet our guidelines. We will simply remove them. That person may then repost their message, following our guidelines if they so choose. We reserve the right to hold, moderate, and delete any comments that we deem unacceptable at our sole discretion at any time.

Finally, you may notice that we apply no labels to ourselves, “Christian” or otherwise. There is a reason for this. Labels instantly define what someone believes. Presently there is no label which we are comfortable with applying to ourselves. If some insist on giving us one, we would suggest: “The Qahal” or “The Way” (Gen 18:19; 2 Sam 22:22; Mat 22:16; John 14:6; Acts 24:14). We have found errors in every modern organized religious group we have encountered. The only difference between them is the degree of the error. We ourselves do not claim to be error-free; but, it is certainly our ideal. When we discover our error we repent, turn from it to the truth and make amends wherever we can. You will also notice that we generally use the term “The Holy Scriptures” instead of “The Bible.” There is a reason for this. We have found and verified errors in the English translations of the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Holy Scriptures. These translations are referred to as “The Bible” and again, we cannot support something which we know has "error" in it. This is especially true when it is clear that the errors were made intentionally by the translators in an effort to support doctrines that oppose the full counsel of God in favor of “the doctrines of men.” None-the-less, we do not focus on error. We focus on truth in the same way Yahusha (Jesus) did. Truth always exposes error and leaves it without justification. The truth is... “Yes!” God really did say... and it is in the original texts.


To those who ultimately come to the conclusion, and take the position, "It does not really matter." We believe this to be an arrogant position based on pride and/or ignorance. We are not God! What does not "matter" for you may be of critical importance for someone else. In the end, it is only God who knows what is important both as a whole and for each individual person. Our ultimate position is that there are no truths that are inconsequential... every truth matters... because He is TRUTH... and nothing matters more than what we do with Him because He is the "Word" of God! 


By posting on our blog and on this site you agree to abide by these "Terms of Use" and "Rules of Engagement."


Thank You... 

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